Welcome to Suffer.Live! My name is Evan Benson, founder of the blog/community. I am a person; not a patient or a number. However, this person I refer to suffers with chronic pain. My chronic pain is something I suffer with, but I LIVE with it as well. Suffering, yet living with chronic pain is what stemmed the name for this community.

While most of my blog posts are just opinions, they are there to help you broaden your prospective on pain. Let me add that I understand there are people out there that suffer much more than I do in the world. However, my intentions are that Suffer.Live will help broaden our perspective, let others know that they are not alone, and help shed some light on homeopathic solutions to chronic pain.

Please note that NONE of the information provided on this site is to provide clinical support and that none of the information is intended to treat any disease or issues. Simply put, Listen, Learn, Share and most importantly… LIVE!