Don’t Be Discouraged by the Word “NO!”

Recently, I have been struggling with a big burden of trying to find the right health care. However, during this time one of the biggest  discouragements I have had and experienced is “There just is nothing we can do.” Or my best one yet, “You might just want to have your MRI disc back, you are too young to have issues.”

My wife is one of my biggest advocates for me, and the faces I have seen her give doctors are priceless. However, she has also been a huge encouraging support for my mental health when I feel hopeless leaving doctors office.

Chronic pain has become increasingly mis-managed and is very fitting for the title, “Invisible Illness.” This is the biggest problem I have ran into. I am a 26 year old male, with chronic pain. The amounts of time I have felt like I am drug seeking, when literally, I am trying everything I can to not have to take medicine. Yet, I am not getting any relief from pain and they are the ones throwing medicine at me, instead of treating me.

I sought a 3rd opinion yesterday from a University 3 1/2 hours away just to get this opinion. Her face when she learned that I have been just ignored for so long. She was doing her best to try to help me the best way possible without violating the terms of my contract of not to seek outside help for my pain from any other doctors. She was appalled that they didn’t believe that my Sciatic nerve has been damaged. My condition has worsened so much that I am loosing feeling in my left leg, pain running down my leg and then having so much pain that I am literately crying almost daily.

The best response from a doctor, today, from my pain management clinic nurse:

“If your ‘Primary Care’ physician has better ‘Opinions’ than we do, she is more than welcome to take over your pain management. But we do not think  you have nerve damage.”

Seeking different opinions is OKAY! In fact, I encourage it if you do not feel any bit comfortable with your doctors opinion. Like I said, I am on my 3rd opinion just for one issue, and have been turned away or not believed. Please, have faith that you will be given the right attention. It may take a little time, a little pain, and a lot of travel. However, you are worth it.
Keep your head up ladies and gentleman. If you have any problems, questions, or need help, I am more that welcome to help you with anything you need or that I can help you with.

God Bless You!


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