Men & Facials, Why Not?

Okay, Okay, Okay! I admit I have used facials before. Personally, I have not bought a facial for myself, but my wife has gifted me a squeeze or two of hers (facial cream!).

Like many of us (chronic pain, chronic illness sufferers) know that our medicines cause many symptoms. Unfortunately, one of those symptoms is the natural exertion of toxins from your body. This for me causes horrible black heads, white heads and time spend on the corner of the couch having my wife pop pimples!

While I have tried several things to help with pimples and black heads, one thing always stays true, and that is a facial mask. Some of them stickĀ  to your face and as you peel them off, they remove black heads, some just apply a moisturizer to your face and claim to clean pores.

One thing I do know is that MOST of all facials on the market have packaging to entice women and very few if any are designed for unisex or men. Body image has always been important for me, but also a depressor for me. During high school I was picked on for my weight and now that I am disabled, I am past the weight I should be. Along with that, I have intense breakouts. However, while trying to maintain a body image, I feel weird, because society or something in my life has taught me not to use women’s products.

Now, I am not gay, homosexual or trans… I am a very hetero male that is married to a beautifulĀ  wife. As I do not have any issues with those of any other preferences as my own, society has structured people to be afraid to step out of their own sexes marketed products. Let me just say, a sea-foam green or pink facial cream is not going to turn me gay, or into a woman. It is simply going to make me be less of a pimple… or have less pimples? Either or my wife would say would work!

Soon I am going to be posting a review of a facial mask I have been trying to get rid of my black heads. It will be posted on this site and on my YouTube channel: Suffer.Live

If you have any products you have been curious to try, but don’t know just quite sure if it works or not, feel free to message me at or with the product information and I will possibly give it a shot, you know, if its not girly or anything! :-p

Take care you spoonies, and may the force be with you!

To purchase the Shill’s Peel Off Black Head Facial Mask I used in my blog review, you can find it from the same source I did, Amazon, by clicking the picture below:

One thought on “Men & Facials, Why Not?

  1. Go you !!! Facials are amazing and my own brother has great skin as he uses facials and sunblock factor 50 everyday even in winter. When u awake each morning wash face with cold water too. It helps. Great post.


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