Epidurals – Are They Worth It?

For starters, this isn’t a pregnancy blog. However, don’t give up on me now! You might be of help even if you have had an epidural just for a pregnancy and not for chronic back pain relief.

How can you be involved in helping? Hear me out.

Several months ago I slipped and fell and not only did I cause an injury to my knee, but I fractured vertebrates in my back. Never had I ever had back pain or problems in my life. Now… I cry every other day just doing normal activities. I’ve had to have counseling to help communicate with my wife during days where I have no energy, drive or “spoons” to give that day. My wife, while she is compassionate in every way possible, she has not suffered from chronic pain before, so we are both in a learning stage.

We had been seeking help from a pain clinic, internal medicine doctors and orthopedists at the same time across the country trying to solve my issues. Finally, we got word about help for my knee and a doctor that would operate that we could trust. However, I had an epidural scheduled around the same time. Both my knee and back hurt, however, we had such clear and concise answers about my knee at that time that we put the hold on the epidural.

Because both of the are considered surgical procedures, I could not have one so closely scheduled to the other. There is a waiting time of 6 weeks between having operations.

FINALLY, we have made it to the day where I was able to get an epidural for my back pain. I have been so excited up until this day. However, I wish, at least at this point, that I would have had more clear advice about what to expect, or possibly not even have done the procedure. Today was the day of my epidural, however, I have been in almost the worse pain that I have been in my entire life.

Leaving the facility I was able to walk out on my own without any assistance. I felt like something may have actually been looking brighter for my future, and while that still is not out of question, I do not have much hope at this point in time. About 2 hours after the procedure, I reckon around the time the lidocaine wore off, is when the INTENSE pain started. Unfortunately, for me, when I called the clinic that had done my procedure, they just told me to take more of my percoset. However, I had already been able to tell that the pain medicine had not taken the edge off at all.

Recently I have been a HUGE advocate about using a legitimate pain scale and rating my pain and using my pain medicine when I reach my threshold and using homeopathic treatments or over-the-counter Pain Relievers when my pain is present, but below that threshold. However, to benefit their side of the story, I am a young 26 year old male asking for a high powered pain medication to help with pain. Not long after the phone call started I could hear the tone in her voice as thinking that I may be drug seeking for other reasons than my own personal care. Unfortunately, this is the era of life we live in these days.

To finish up this longggggg blog post, I have been babying myself with the use of Kirkland Signature USP Ibuprofen, 2 Bottles 200 mg of 500 Tablets Each, Percoset, Biofreeze Gel Tube 4 oz ( Pack of 1 ), Hot Pads and even tried Ginger Essential Oils. This has eased some of the pain, however, I still am in a strong pain.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? This pain is crazy, and I could not imagine that this would be normal, however, I have never had this procedure done before.

Does anyone have any suggestions, any therapies, and help or advice that can be offered?

Your responses would be greatly appreciated. Not only by myself, but many other followers.


With Love,

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