Insomnia or Painsomnia?

After a fall I had in June is when I started experiencing problems with sleeping. I have had chronic pain for about 5 years, but nothing to really disrupt my sleep. In June I had slipped and fell and tore both my meniscus and fractured two vertebrates. Since then I have tried 3 different sleep medicines. With all of these medications, I still experience only an average of 47 minutes of REM sleep, 1hr 7 min of Deep sleep, and wake up an average of 3 times per night (according to my fitness band).

With all of this, I just have learned about ‘Painsomnia’ today. This morning I was up for about 3 hours in the middle of the night, tweeting and face-booking. Someone this morning, (@BNightsCRPS on twitter) Burning Nights CRPS Support, a UK charity, that raises awareness for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. They responded back to me complaining about my pain and insomnia. Before this morning, I would have probably told you that “painsomnia” is a word someone just created.

One of the trends I noticed is that last night, I didn’t take any Acetaminophen before bed. Usually I take 2 – 500mg tablets, however, I have been trying to watch my intake of Acetaminophen since it is found in the other medications I am currently taking as well.

If you are experiencing the same thing, keep your head up. We have pain, pain does not have us! We can beat this one day, have faith!

Do you have anything that you do as a ritual before bed that helps you sleep?

With Love,

Evan Benson

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