Black Friday – Pain Friday

Black Friday, or Pain Friday?

A day after the holidays may mean a time for shopping for millions of people across the globe. However, how are we (chronic pain sufferers) to try to relax instead of getting the $3 Tupperware set at the nearest box store?

You have been slaving away for weeks on end trying to make sure the house is ready, company will be comfortable and the grocery list has been “painstakingly” sought after for your significant other so that when the meal is to be prepared, you have done your job. However, on Thursday night, coats are being put on, shoes tied and the crinkle of holiday shopping ads being shoved into pockets and purses can be heard throughout the house. This is where the song “Should I Stay or Should I Go Now” by the Clash runs through my head.

After having become disabled, I have become a stay at home husband. Trying to understand my part is hard this year. In the past I have meticulously been the one hurrying people to the car so we can be the first in line for Black Friday sales. This year, I am saddened, as I will not be attending the sales. Unfortunately for me, the risk is too high, and the pain will be much. Additionally, I have seen disabled people on scooters trying to get through crowds of thousands, only to be struck or stuck.

However, over the years, another shopping holiday has become increasingly popular… Cyber Monday. This is where you can settle your minds on that case of paper you thought you were going to miss out on. Additionally, most of the items you can find from major box stores might be able to be acquired online and shipped FREE to a store nearest to you, on not such a busy day!

One thing is for certain is that we all need to find a balance between work and rest for our bodies as some of you may know that stress and anxiety is a major inducer of pain. “Pain and the Brain” blog post can give you more information on pain and how stress and anxiety play rolls in your pain levels.

Keep in mind that Amazon has fabulous deals on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you are a prime member you will get exclusive access to deals, also receive FREE 2-Day shipping. You can sign up for a 30-day RISK FREE Trial today that will last you through your holiday shopping period! Just click the ad below to get started with your 30-day FREE Trial!


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