“Pain and the Brain”

So often when in pain, we can succumb to the pain. Now this is just an opinion blog that I write. None of the content I write is meant to be in the form of a treatment plan, or what you should do with your body. However, having been a chronic pain sufferer for some time now (6+ years), I have a little experience.

For me, I use many “we” statements instead of the word “I.” This is partly due to my loving relationship with my beautiful wife, and the marriage counseling that we have had together. However, in this next paragraph, I will use the word “I” many times as it pertains to my perspective.

When I feel pain, I believe that no other thing can help except for what has helped me immensely in the past, pain medicine. Whether that be percoset, ibuprofen 800mg, or acetaminophen. However, am I exaghuarting my pain? Am I loathing over it and not considering any other alternatives besides a pill? Sometimes, yes. However, as I explained in one of my previous blog posts: Pain Medicine – A Topic No One Likes., we have to discipline ourselves if we want to be dependent of medicine. While I made that statement, please understand it is in turn for people like myself that suffer from injuries and not an illness. At this time I do not have anyone I am associated with who suffers from chronic pain related to an illness (thus-for I cannot attest that this article is for everyone.)

This message from Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, Redlich Professor and Chief of the Division of Pain Medicine at Stanford University, is a bit long, however, very resourceful. Please be open minded by this video, not to be quick to judge. Use it as a chance to learn more about how our bodies work.

Until next time…

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