Being a 25 year old man, you have go through life with stereo types. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone has a stereo type for everyone else it seems. One of the hardest thing I have had to go through is being disabled with pain and other issues at such a young age. Thankfully we have help in place for disabled individuals such as handicap parking and ramp assistance. However, as a young male, you get looks from all kinds pulling up into a handicap parking spot.

The most memorable time I was verbally assaulted for parking in a handicap, it was a mother and daughter ‘duo.’ The daughter was laughing and the mother was furious. The mother yelled out to me “doesn’t look like your f****** disabled to me!” No one knows me better than my wife… The crying at nights because the pain is too much, the mental anguish you feel because you don’t know why you deserve the body you were given, the lack of hope you feel because you don’t know when or even if you will every experience a pain free day again in your life.

Today, please take from today’s post, that no matter what other people think, you know you’re true self. You have to live and process through the different aspects life throws at us everyday. And while the negative can bring you down, why not let it bring you up? Why not grow and let the negativity empower yourself and let you embrace life to the fullest.

Just remember, you are someone. Not just an appointment, a statistic or a number. You are a human being. No one is better then you, we are all equal.

Enjoy today to the fullest!

With love,


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