Welcome to Suffer.Live. I am a person, not a number in a clinic, not a ‘pill abuser,’ and whether it looks it or not to you, I am disabled.

This site is designed for chronic pain sufferers to help open your world to new insights, solutions, and a place to unravel your thoughts along this journey we call life.

One of my ambitions is that we can share our experiences and open a knowledge base of advice and solutions that may be able to help facilitate a way for us to cope.

Suffer.Live YouTube Channel!

Stay Strong Box

Giving a ray of sunshine to those who suffer from chronic pain or illnesses. From essentials – to activities, we send it all.

Stay Strong Box is a “flare up” box for those living with chronic pain, or chronic illnesses. We fill goodie boxes each month for either you, your friends or your loved ones. These boxes are loaded with everything from daily essentials, unique products, organic items, jewelry, and much more! The purpose of the box is to have something for someone to look forward too each month, and to put a smile and give a chance to get their mind off of things.

Check out our website at http://www.StayStrongBox.com for more information on how to order your box today.


Kimberly and Evan donate boxes to the local pain management clinic, doctors offices churches and individuals in need that live with chronic pain and illnesses. These boxes offer them high quality products that would be sure to put a smile on their faces!

$15 will cover the cost of one “Stay Strong Box” to be donated to someone in need.

Thank you for your help, and God Bless!


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